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Oh Shit, It's Christmas: Part Four

Friends don’t let friends give bad gifts. Don’t be that person shopping for t-shirts at the On Cue on the way to Christmas Eve Mass. 

Part Four: The Lumberjack

The grizzly gentleman in your life doesn’t need anything from anyone. We know he can do it himself because his beard is so tough. He'll still appreciate a thoughtful gift that isn’t from the discount bin at Bass Pro Shop. 

Trade Men's Wares is your stop. Former-land-man-turned-haberdasher and new owner Daniel McLoud is fluent in all the male languages and his recommendations are as true as his style. 

With a lower price point in mind, Daniel is making fashion accessible to the sophisticated Lumberjack in your life. What do you buy him though? How about beard oil made from leftover hops after the beer has been brewed? Even if your Lumberjack can’t grow a beard, that last sentence is a reason enough to try. Damn Handsome beard oil and after shave smells great and will make your man happy.

Bonus: use Trade's custom suit services to buy your man a tailored suit.

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