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Oh Shit, It's Christmas: Part Two.

Every day for the first week of December ATB:OKC is touring through the retail landscape visiting local shops that will make you feel good about gift-giving. This isn’t OKC 1999, this is 2016 and we have options. Glorious, local options that have new book smell like Commonplace Books. 

Part Two: The Curious

Everyone has an insightful person in their life - that person who you really want to please with an equally insightful gift and the answer always seems to be a good book. Owner and curator Ben Nockels gets books. He gets them so well he understands that sometimes they can’t be organized from A-Z and put into perfect categories. Sometimes Jonathan Safran-Foer has to sit atop Raymond Carver just next to the Wendell Berry essays. Why? Ask him. Why else would you support a local bookseller than to have a chance to hear the answer? 

Commonplace Books will be at the Midtown Pop-ups this weekend (December 1-4) and in their temporary space at 1120 N Walker. 

Alt-gift idea: Zig when they zag and pick the book that they wouldn’t expect.  

Yesterday - Part One: The Type-A
Tomorrow - Part Three: The Free Spirit

 You don't need all the books, but here are a few good ones. 

You don't need all the books, but here are a few good ones. 



Oh Shit, It's Christmas: Part Three

Oh Shit, It's Christmas.