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Weekend Warrior: August

Alright, August. Here you are, and here's to living up the last few weeks of summer. 

Friday, August 11
Do yourself a favor and get to Scottie's Deli for lunch asap. Technically this week is the soft open, but if the door is unlocked, barge in and try whatever they haven't sold out of. They make everything (and we mean everything) from scratch. They bake their bread, cure their meat, cole their slaw, it's all made right there on 23rd every day. 

After eating your weight in pastrami, mosey to LIVE on the Plaza (maybe you'll run in to Tom Felton while you're there *heart eyes emoji*). Mosey fast, though, because Jabee's birthday show is happening at the finally-open-for-reals, Tower Theatre! Tower will have it's brand new sound and light system on display and even the shorties will have a great view from the back of the room thanks to the freshly-added terracing. 

Saturday, August 12
Get ready to lol and aw at the internet's best cat videos. Head to the Myriad Gardens Saturday night and join a bunch of other people who would have probably been at home watching the same cat videos anyway (because come on, cats). 

Sunday, August 13
What more do you need on a Sunday for brunch than great food? Dollar mimosas, of course! Get both at Iguana before you head to the Kehinde Wiley exhibit at OKCMOA. 


OKCMOA does a great job pulling in renowned artists, but we are on a whole new level of impressed with this exhibit. Seriously, it's one of the most amazing exhibits we have ever seen. 

After gaining a new perspective on life, squeeze out the last bit of your weekend with a cold beer from Stonecloud. 

Summer's almost over, school's back in session, you have to work tomorrow, but this city isn't stopping to wait on us. 




Time Flies.

Time Flies.

Stonecloud Brewing

Stonecloud Brewing