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Uh... New Year?

Okay. So it's February. How the hell did that happen? We didn't write stories, but hey, you didn't work out. Here were are, a month into the new year, and OKC isn't stopping to wait on us. 

During January, some major things happened. The Tower Theatre made a grand entrance into the glowing nightlife of the 23rd street skyline. More amazing art came to the Plaza Alley Walls. The Criterion announced it's first show (though we're not holding that choice against them). Evander Holyfield and 50 Cent were in town during the same week. THE SAME WEEK.  

And that's not all. Old buildings are reaping the benefits of love from dedicated investors, the restaurant scene is still expanding, and more and more people want to participate in the city's growth. 

Here are some specific projects we're especially looking forward to in 2016:

Gold Dome
The announcement of the announcement that was supposed to happen in January has left us dying in anticipation to know what's going on in the Dome. Come on, we KNOW it's going to be a grocery store, just tell us which one! Most everyone knows, but it isn't official until Steve Lackmeyer says so.

Tower Show
If you've followed us for the last few months, you know we're obsessed with the progress of the Tower Theatre. As if we needed more reason to obsess over the Tower, Jabee is doing an album release show on May 14th!

21c Museum Hotel
Another building that we've been oohing and ahhing over is the old Fred Jones Manufacturing building in Film Row, aka future site of 21c Museum Hotel OKC. If you haven't heard of this funky, unique, classy hotel chain, check them out. Their whole thing is that they pick unexpected but culturally rich cities in which to anchor their brand. And we're getting one. So. Cool. 

Sunshine Laundry turned brewery
As if the Tower project wasn't daunting enough, developers Ben Sellers, Jonathan Dodson, and David Wanzer purchased the abandoned urban jungle known as the Sunshine Laundry building, a mere crosswalk away from the 21c site. So far it's going to be a brewery! 

Former Swanson Tires Building
More great restaurants. Get ready for Barrios Mexican, from Good Egg Dining in the space behind R&J Lounge in Midtown. OKCtalk.com says there will be a bar there as well. 

And we honestly can't stop there. Check back for updates on these projects and other great things to look forward to in this great city!

Early work on the interior of Fred Jones Manufacturing Building in Film Row from July 2015.

Early work on the interior of Fred Jones Manufacturing Building in Film Row from July 2015.

5000 square feet of Fajitas.

5000 square feet of Fajitas.

We need more beer. 

We need more beer. 

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