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Happy Birthday, Suited for Success

Nineteen years of anything is a commitment. For Susan Walton, her commitment for the past 19 years has been to help low-income women find gainful employment. She does so by offering free styling and suiting services which empower women with the confidence they need to land a job in a professional industry. On August 1st, 1997, Susan suited her first client. Today, 19 years later, Suited for Success has served over 8,700 women in Oklahoma.

Thank-you notes from clients

Thank-you notes from clients

Susan's story is engrained in Suited for Success; she was the women she's helping now. During a time of personal struggle in the early 90s, Susan heard of the Bottomless Closet in Chicago and thought to herself, "Why isn't anyone doing that here?"

A few years passed and the thought of opening a business stuck with Susan. When the opportunity came, it was obvious that starting a non-profit was the right move. Eventually, Catholic Charities donated a room for Susan and Suited for Success had a home base. Now, Suited for Success can be found at 4149 Highline Blvd (Suite 370) in Oklahoma City. 

Susan hopes to one day expand Suited's services to men and to acquire a bus which can be used to reach clients in rural parts of Oklahoma. 


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