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Plan For the Worst, Expect the Best

The worst thing is happening this week besides the election: Pump Bar is closing for improvements. While it's tempting to swear off alcohol and going out altogether, may we instead suggest some alternatives.

Monday, November 7th:

  • Go to Byron's or Freeman's. You're going to need liquor to survive the election so plan ahead because there's no hooch on Election Day.
  • Sunshine Laundry Marquee Lighting, 5 pm: Come watch the re-lighting of a marquee so beautiful it saved the building it was on top of. 
  • Thunder v. Miami, 7 pm: Go watch Russell Westbrook eat the NBA. 

Tuesday, November 8th:

  • This is it. Go vote. Make it fun and tailgate the demise of western society with your friends. We're snagging the "Grab and Go" breakfast from Wedge Pizzeria on Western and then voting so hard on the state questions.
  • Yoga Tuesdays, Myriad Gardens, 5:45 pm: Go cleanse your body of toxins before you watch the election highlights. 
  • Election Night Drinking: Both Rockford Cocktail Den and Saints are hosting election night funtivities. 

Wednesday, November 9th:

  • Thunder v. Toronto, 7 pm: Go watch your old team play against your new team, because depending on the election, you might be moving to Canada. 
  • Maurice Johnson, R&J Lounge, 9 pm: Grab our favorite Old Fashioned in OKC and let Maurice's guitar teach you how to love again.

Thursday, November 10th:

  • Hillbilly's - Abita Beer Dinner, 6:30 pm: Chef Norm serves up some of the best food this side of Jackson, Mississippi. Pair it with Louisiana's Abita Beer and you've got a great night waiting. If you only do one thing this week, this event has our official Certified Tourism Ambassador gold star recommendation. 

Friday, November 11th:

  • Head back to Pump Bar to see what these "improvements" are all about. We're hoping for a self-serve chocolate fountain for regulars. 

The Secret Saints of OKC

A Farm for the People, by the People

A Farm for the People, by the People