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Hillbilly's on 9th.

“Are you F*&%$# kidding me!?” I said about five times during my lunch at Hillbilly’s in Automobile Alley. I just didn’t know there was good New Orleans food served up by cool people in Oklahoma City. I just didn’t know. When Hillbilly’s invited us over to see and hear about their new branding, we were excited. I love good marketing, but secretly, I just wanted to check out their food.

Co-owner, operator, and self-proclaimed spreadsheet master Aly Branstetter showed us around the former house at the end of 9th Street with a warmth and hospitality that made ATB:OKC feel like a big deal. We’re writing a separate article on Aly, but in brief, she’s a gracious host, caring citizen, savvy businesswoman, genuine Oklahoman, and one helluva restauranteur. 

New branding with the help of Robot House Creative.

New branding with the help of Robot House Creative.

Over the last nine months, Hillbilly’s has rebanded itself with the help of Robot House Creative. At the heart of the project was Aly’s intense desire to share their food with Oklahoma City and their old branding, Hillbillies Po Boy and Oyster Bar, was limiting their audience. Why talk about branding though when you can talk about food? The Oysters were creative and unique with three different flavors to try. Score one for Hillbilly’s. Then things got really creative. Oyster Nachos: House made chips, fried oysters, and something Aly called “Comeback Sauce.” “It’s called the Comeback Sauce because you’re going to have to come back for it” said Aly, and she’s right; are you F*&%$# kidding me!?

It’s called the Comeback Sauce because you’re going to have to come back for it.
— Aly Branstetter

I could write a whole story about Hillbilly’s Oyster Nachos, but then I wouldn’t be able to tell you about Chef Norm’s Po’boys, Pulled Pork, Uncle Jesse’s Crispy White Fish, Red Beans and Rice, the Smokey Mountain Meatball, Gumbo, and Bread Pudding. Are you F*&%$# kidding me!? Everything we tried was delicious, cooked properly, creative, fun to eat, and served by kind people. If you’re keeping track so far, Hillbilly’s gets a star for hospitality, a star for Aly caring about the city, a star for their gumbo, a star for properly cooked fish, a star for creativity, a star for the Burt Reynolds Gator poster on the wall (Are you F*&%$# kidding me!?), and I haven’t even talked about their cocktails and beers yet.

Uncle Jesse's Crispy White Fish with southern slaw.

Uncle Jesse's Crispy White Fish with southern slaw.

The Hillbilly Margarita with Ole Smoky Moonshine and jalapeño syrup was insane and I want one right now. The Ginger Jackass, Hillbilly’s twist on a Moscow Mule, and the Redneck Cherry (ahem: it has Mexican Coke!) were also great and fun to drink. Hillbilly’s serves Southern beer too. Abita, Dixie, and Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan are all on tap at Hillbilly’s. Hotty Toddy there’s Mississippi beer in the Midwest!

Crawfish Po'boy, dressed up and ready for the ball.

Crawfish Po'boy, dressed up and ready for the ball.

Aly talked about Hillbilly’s commitment to being themselves and having fun with great food. The staff were friendly, hospitable, and attentive; they’re having fun and so will you. Hillbilly’s is a great spot for lunch or dinner all week long. Go full hillbilly right now at fullhilbilly.com, follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @fullhillbilly, and go stuff your face tonight. Are you F*&%$# kidding me!?

Hit up Hillbilly’s on Thunder game days and order a Thunder Boy and get a free select COOP beer while you watch the game. 

Without asking, Hillbilly’s had Champions League Soccer on their TVs. This is a great spot for soccer fans on a long lunch break who want to see the game and get a great meal.

We know you’ve always wanted a space where you can play Cards Against Humanity, host a business luncheon, or a Passion Party. Reserve “The Hole” at Hillbilly’s and enjoy their moonshine cellar with your friends and colleagues.

Tower Sign

Tower Neon.