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Hello, April. Where did you come from?

Wow, it's been a busy few months. This time last year we bought a house in Jefferson Park and spent every ounce of our free time investing into our new home. This year, we've spent all our time investing into our community. Between organizing Uptown Uncorked and attending every school closure meeting we could, the blog has been a little ignored. 

Still, we've got our ears to the ground about some things you should look forward to:

1. Tower Theatre DOES have a new operator. Watch for Nathan Poppe's story in Friday's Oklahoman.

 Talk about a #wcw.

Talk about a #wcw.

2. Savings and Loan WILL reopen. Our source says that it's coming really soon... and in addition to their craft cocktails THEY WILL HAVE BEER NOW! (well they always had beer, but they will have MORE beer!)

3. Uptown is getting a Norman gem (hey, there are some great things outside of the city center). Syrup will be coming to 23rd St this summer. 

4. Maples Barbecue is coming to Midtown, t-minus 2 weeks.

5. Bunker Club is open for real and it's amazing. 

6. Books are going into the new Commonplace Books retail shop in Midtown. 

7. Holy Rollers is opening a coffee shop in Paseo and there will also be a new Mexican restaurant in Paseo this summer. 

OKC is weird.

OKC is weird.

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