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Hannah Royce

Every now and then you meet a person who ignites something within you. A person who says exactly the things you've thought but haven't had language for. A person who's goals and motivations are written into the lines on their face, expressed in every action of their body, and their confidence in themselves invites you to feel your own confidence. Hannah Royce is one of these people. 

Hannah grew up following in her older brother's footsteps. She wanted to be one of the boys. She was rough and tough, inspired by her mom who showed her how to fight the good fight against a hard and biased world. She never wanted to be part of the "girl drama" that she always saw around her, she wanted to forge her own path away from it. As she traveled through the mysterious worlds of high school and college, she began seeing women, feminism from a more distinct viewpoint. She no longer wanted to isolate herself from the "girl drama" that she didn't understand, she wanted to claim her individuality as a woman while revisiting her own pre-determined biases against her gender. 

Hannah's style, her preferences, her image all became part of her whole-hearted fight for empowerment of women within her community. Her own feminism drives the relationships she grows and how she wants to impact the world around her. Hannah wants to build a community of women within Oklahoma City who can see past the biases towards each other that have been instilled since childhood and to support each other in their own feminism, whatever that may be.

We’re more alike than we are different.
— Hannah Royce

In her efforts to establish that community, Hannah has created Confidence Con, a hub for women in the city to gather, share, create, express, and most importantly to support each other. Confidence Con will be an annual event in the spring featuring workshops, pop up shops, and panels geared towards opening the conversation between women in the city about how they can grow their community and empower each other. 

As community involvement is incredibly important to her, Hannah has also partnered with two entrepreneurial women to open a brick and mortar location for workshops, meetings, and retail. This space, called Rally OKC, will be home to Bison Shop: a curated collection of sustainable and simple products from movers and shakers across the country Thursdays through Saturdays. The rest of the week, Rally will be a location for Hannah's client meetings for Egg in a Glass, her digital strategy business, sessions and meetings for Brass Bird Photography, or workshops and events that are hosted by and for the community. 

Everyone should know someone like Hannah Royce. 

Find out more about OKC Confidence Con here
Check out Rally OKC here.

Hannah Royce, Egg in a Glass, Rally OKC, Confidence Con

Hannah Royce, Egg in a Glass, Rally OKC, Confidence Con

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