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Guernsey Park on a Monday.

Hitting up a popular spot on the weekend is definitely awesome. What else is awesome? Hitting the same spot up on a Monday for lunch just because you want to. Which is exactly what we did at Guernsey Park in Uptown. While there are many, many great Asian spots in OKC, Guernsey Park (and Chae) are where you go for the fun fusion side of Asian food. If you want clever and creative food with stunning plating, go to Guernsey Park. The menu is small, but includes sushi, small plates, and entrees so you can mix and match it any way you want to.

The spacious restaurant has two bar areas, a main dining hall and a large patio with great outdoor seating under old trees and lights. If you want to eat at Guernsey Park sometime other than Monday for lunch, it's probably smart to get a reservation. 

For our Yelp review of Guernsey Park, click here. For Guernsey Park's menu, click here.

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