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Curiosity on Repeat

You know them. You've sat near them at something. The WAFTI Show boys are everywhere. Dead Center Film Festival, The Wheeler Wheel, ACM@UCO, The Paseo Amphitheater, 48-hour Film Festival, Pump Bar. If it's moving in OKC, the WAFTI Boys are there, probably recording, documenting and celebrating the action. Stephen Tyler, along with twin brothers John and Aaron Souders, are passionate about the progress in OKC. 

They have a podcast every week called "We Apologize for the Inconvenience," but it's The WAFTI Show to everyone who listens. Mayor Mick Cornett, Steve Lackmeyer, Ian and Hailey McDermid, Tim Blake Nelson, Jason Dunnington, Joe Dorman, Jack Fowler and Jill Castilla have all been guests (even us). 

Much like As Told By: OKC, the three saw what was happening in the city and were excited. "We needed to tell people what we were finding out" recalls Stephen. "We want to promote OKC, what we love" said John. Document, promote, repeat. 

Stephen, Aaron and John, planning the next big thing.

Stephen, Aaron and John, planning the next big thing.

Why does it work? The three have a strange creative alchemy that wouldn't work if you removed one of them from the process. Stephen has the technical skills, but "doesn't want to talk that much." The boys don't know a stranger and are full of excitement and always on the search for the next fantastic story. "We brainstorm together really well" said Aaron.

Add to that a willingness to just try shit and see what happens. Truly, the most charming part of this trio is their enthusiasm. They don't have an "off" switch and they're always exploring, trying and working.  As Stephen posted this week: "That thing you've had in your head for the last few years. That crazy idea, that urge to create. DO IT. I promise it's worth it."

Listen to a WAFTI Show episode, tag along on their 48-hour film team, buy them a drink somewhere along Uptown 23rd and you'll be won over by their boyish enthusiasm and wonder for the world and this city. 

Extreme Yum!

Extreme Yum!

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