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Thankful Cookie's

We don't break the fourth wall often, but here's the story behind the story for anyone who's curious. In early October we jumped into help Cookie's Thanksgiving with social media and public relations. The challenge of doing everything on a zero budget with only seven weeks to ramp up was really exciting. We branded the event, launched social media channels, created graphics, handled the PR and did most of the posting. It was a wild ride and so incredibly meaningful because we love Aly, Mary, Robert, Lee and everyone at Other Options, Inc. Special shout-outs go to: Jessica Kelsey, The WAFTI Show, The Bubble, Freedom 43, Dave Cathey, Steve Lackmeyer and everyone who donated, volunteered and shared a post along the way! Our city is at its best when we're working together!

Here are the final tallies:

Facebook Reach: 37,214
Twitter Impressions: 21,800
Earned Media: $47,403.50
Money raised: $10,000
Volunteers: 300+
Meals delivered/served: Almost 1,000

We would love to hear from you if your business could benefit from social media strategy and branding. 

Oh Shit, It's Christmas.

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