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On a whim we called Chae Modern Korean tonight to leave a voicemail about getting back to us; we call them every day because we've been craving their food since we've had it. To our surprise, Hunter answered the phone and said that as of Wednesday, October 14th, at 11 am, Chae is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

We've been fans of Daniel Chae for his tea expertise at All About Cha in Nichols Hills and general civic-mindedness, and been drooling over this restaurant since it was announced a few months ago. We had the good fortune of stuffing eight courses of culinary wizardy into our faces last month at one of their pop up dinners. "We're putting modern techniques on good Korean food," said Chae as he introduced the first course. (To read our review of our Chae pop up dinner, it's the article just below this.) 

We’re putting modern techniques on good Korean food.”


You'll want to get into Chae as quickly as you can. First off, it's the only Korean restaurant in the city. Secondly, Chae has stockpiled talent everywhere: Taylor Dejarlais, Sam Salinas, Tim Smith, Luke Cathey, and Kevin Lee are in the kitchen, and Hunter leads the servers and bartenders. Chae will offer a rotating menu and stays open until 1 am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

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