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How to Get Away From Your Family in December

We know you "love" your family. That doesn't mean you want to sit at home with them for the next two weeks. Here's our curated list of out-of-the-house suggestions leading up to New Years Eve. If you really do love your family, feel free to invite them along with you to any of these. Some of these events are possibilities on other days, consult the Internet for exact details.

Dec. 17: Shop Hop at Automobile Alley / Dinner at Hillbilly’s
Shop Hop is always fun, but this holiday version with lights will be really special. Grab a moonshine cocktail and the Oyster Nachos at Hillbilly’s afterwards! 

Dec. 18: Jabee at Speakeasy, 9 pm
How can you not love a free concert with Jabee, Josh Sallee, Beetyman, HuckWheat, Trash TV, DJ Keilo and DJ Reaper? Bring some food or clothing to donate at 51st Street Speakeasy and you’re in for free.

Dec. 19: Snow Tubing at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark / Dinner at Knucks Wheelhouse
Snow tubing at the ballpark? That makes no sense so of course we want to try it. When you're done, strip off all the winter gear and go somewhere comfy like Knucks Wheelhouse for great beer and good pizza.

Dec. 20: Winter Shoppes / Free Crystal Bridge Admission
Support local businesses and check out the Winter Shoppes at The Myriad Gardens. After you’re done, it’s free night at the Crystal Bridge.

Dec. 21: Nutcracker, 7 pm / Ludivine at 5:30 pm
Get classy with yourself and go see the ballet. Ludivine doesn't serve Sugar Plums, but it's still one of the best restaurants in the midwest.

Dec. 22: Lyric’s A Christmas Carol, 7:30 pm / Dinner at Chae at 6 pm
If you’re smart, you already have tickets to the Plaza’s must see event of the year. Make sure and go to dinner before at Chae on 23rd, just a mile from the Plaza District. Chae is OKC’s newest culinary landmark with Chef de cuisine Taylor Desjarlais from the Coach House Internship. 

Dec. 23: Maurice Johnson at R&J Lounge, 8 pm
Lay back in Midtown’s swankiest lounge and listen to Maurice melt away your holiday stress; of course a strong drink doesn’t hurt. 

Dec. 24: Free Water Taxi in Bricktown / Star Wars at Harkins Cinema
We know, Star Wars comes out the 18th, but if you don’t have tickets, get them for Christmas Eve and enjoy a free Water Taxi around Bricktown before you see the film at Harkins. 

Dec. 25: Hateful 8 70mm screening at Quail Springs 24
Aside from Top Golf, there are very few reasons that ATB:OKC would ever suggest leaving the city center: a Quentin Tarantino film release on 70 mm certainly qualifies. This is a one-time opportunity to see the Hateful 8, all three hours of it, including a musical intermission, on glorious 70 mm film. 

Dec. 26: Beauty and the Beast, 8 pm
December is the best month to watch grown ups singing and Beauty and the Beast at Civic Center Music Hall is a good one.

Dec. 27: Thunder v. Nuggets, 6 pm
Nothing says Holiday spirit like Loud City! Fed up with your family? Yell it out at a Thunder game. Start at Rockford Cocktail Den for drinks and let their free limo drop you off in front of the arena. Even your mother-in-law can’t argue with that.  

Dec. 28: Karaoke at Pump Bar, 9 pm
Why not annoy the neighborhood with your rendition of Guns N Roses? Grab some dinner at Pizza 23 or Pizzeria Gusto and then hit the Pump for Karaoke and great drinks.

Dec. 29: Vision Boarding at Rally OKC, 7 pm / Saints Happy Hour, 5 pm
Stop waiting for life to happen to you and get 2016 off to a great start with a Vision Board Workshop in the Plaza’s new workshop shared space, Rally OKC. $11 and spots are extremely limited. Grab some good beer at Saints before, they have a Happy Hour special from 4-7 pm on weekdays.

Dec. 30: Ice Skating at Devon Ice Rink
If the weather allows, bundle up and skate in a small circle with your friends. 

Dec. 31: OU Game at Rockford Cocktail Den, 2:30 pm. 
We know you’ll have to watch the game; why kill your day hosting the party when Rockford Cocktail Den has great local beer and free tailgate food? Move the party there and save your energy for rooting for or against the Crimson and Cream.