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So You Wanna Be a Weekend Warrior?

Okay, okay, okay. We're figuring out this whole "owning a house" thing, so I guess that means we finally have time to do extra curricular things, right? But we don't have quite the time to get our money's worth out of Dead Center Film Festival passes. If you're in that same boat, here are some other things to do this weekend that are awesome. 

Friday June 10th
LIVE! on the Plaza (because it's always a good time). Shuffle past all of the suburban cool kids who took two parking spaces in their mom's Escalade and pop around the Alley Walls. Toward the back you'll find the Rally OKC courtyard where you can adopt a puppy, buy it some cute stationary, microchip it (by Midtown Vets) and even take puppy-and-me photos in a photo booth. Check out Bison Shop's website for more. 

Bonus: Saints is participating in OKC Restaurant Week and their prix fixe looks pretty legit. 

Saturday June 11th
Craft Beer Block Party?! Yes please! COOP, Anthem, Prairie, and Roughtail will all be there, plus live music, and a chance to adopt regular, non-artisanal puppies! Because PUPPIES! Head to the original neighborhood, 9th Street (you know, Iguana, Hillbilly's, Shop Good, etc.). The fun starts at 2 pm and you can get more info here.

 Sunday June 12th
Who drops into town on a fews days notice like it's the Sundance Film Festival to do two sold-out shows? Dave F#$%^&* Chappelle does and you'll like it with a service charge on top. Two shows. At The Criterion. This definitely feels like the kind of event that would not have happened in our fair city without the new venue. 

Monday June 13th
Ugh, the work week. What if we told you that you could try out a new restaurant on your way to work? Head to Sunnyside Diner for their grand opening beginning at 6 am! Try the eggs benedict, but leave your puppy at home!

Art courtesy of Natalie Kent, @natstronaut

Art courtesy of Natalie Kent, @natstronaut

So you kicked your Monday off right with a hearty breakfast, now chill it down at Rockford with Vinyl Mondays. Bring your own 70s vinyl and DJ Tom Hudson will take care of the rest. The needle drops at 8pm.

We did it! We Left the House!