Every day for the first week of December ATB:OKC is touring through the retail landscape visiting local shops that will make you feel good about gift-giving. This isn’t OKC 1999, this is 2016 and we have options. Glorious, local options that have new book smell like Commonplace Books. Part Two: The Curious

It’s December 1st again and you spent all your Black Friday money on yourself. Oh Shit, it’s Christmas is our gift-giving guide for the few of us that haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet. For the next week we're bringing you our curated guide that highlights perfect gifts from local retailers. Part One: The Type-A

We don't break the fourth wall often, but here's the story behind the story for anyone who's curious. In early October we jumped into help Cookie's Thanksgiving with social media and public relations.

In a nondescript building on the northwest side of Oklahoma City is a safe haven for the HIV/AIDS community called Other Options. Since 1988, Other Options has worked to provide fresh food, services and dignity to an oft-ignored part of our city. Other Options was started by Cookie Arbuckle, a legendary social worker, who saw the carnage of the AIDS epidemic and refused to stand by silently.

A Farm for the People, by the People

Tucked into the Central Park neighborhood near the Paseo is a series of houses and lots that have been turned into flower and vegetable gardens. They weave around sheds, old houses and fences and make a network of fresh food and community. Commonwealth Urban Farms exists to connect the city to the ground and to each other through fresh food, gardening and composting.

Extreme Yum!

Most sequels are worse than their originals. They're just a cash grab, preying on the same audience with little regard for quality. Sometimes though, the sequel can take the fun of the first movie and make it even better. Such is the case with Dekora, the sequel to In The Raw in Bricktown. 

You know them. You've sat near them at something. The WAFTI Show boys are everywhere. Dead Center Film Festival, The Wheeler Wheel, ACM@UCO, The Paseo Amphitheater, 48-hour Film Festival, Pump Bar. If it's moving in OKC, the WAFTI Boys are there, probably recording, documenting and celebrating the action. Stephen Tyler, along with twin brothers John and Aaron Souders, are passionate about the progress in OKC. 

Hatch is here! And other puns about eggs. Hatch opens at 6 a.m., Monday, October 3rd. Automobile Alley has a breakfast spot and you're going to want to try it immediately. Hatch is a scratch kitchen with everything made fresh daily. Take a look at our photos and make plans to eat there soon!

Wind Wall OKC

If you've been out to the Wheeler Wheel, you've noticed the charming sitting area with four shipping containers framing the space. Beginning next week, Amanda Bradway and Erin Cooper will cover the entire area with a new piece of public art.

For The Love of Beer

This is a story about three of the best things: hops, friendship and Oklahoma. 

Vanessa House Beer Co. is five friends who love each other so much that they kept trying to find ways to hang out after college. Where did they land? Let's brew beer. 

One of our favorite weekend hobbies is to go wandering through the metro, checking in on projects and discovering new parts of town. Have you ever driven down Western as it heads over to the Wheeler District? On the way there you'll find an interesting pocket of development.

On the hunter-gatherer divide, I’m decidedly a gatherer. However, when Chef de cuisine Taylor Desjarlais invited me to Chae: Modern Korean last week to watch him break down 200 pounds of pig, I couldn’t resist. 

Nineteen years of anything is a commitment. For Susan Walton, her commitment for the past 19 years has been to help low-income women find gainful employment. She does so by offering free styling and suiting services which empower women with the confidence they need to land a job in a professional industry. On August 1st, 1997, Susan suited her first client. Today, 19 years later, Suited for Success has served over 8,700 women in Oklahoma.

What a difference a few years makes. And what a difference two months makes. The potential of the Wheeler District is incredible, but don't miss the fun that's already there. The Ferris wheel is up and running, the food trucks are in place and Wheeler Crit is ripping around the field. There's never been a better time to live in OKC and it's only getting better.